Friday, 28 October 2016

How to Pack Luggage like a Professional

Whether you are planning to shift to a new apartment with your personal belongings only or you are going to travel for spending your long vacation elsewhere, the first and foremost thing that you should be paying attention to is packing your luggage. Packing isn’t associated only with the suitcase or shipping boxes but it is rather more concerned with how you pack your belongings. Remember, smart packing ensures that you luggage remains safe and consumes less resources during the transit.

Before starting packing, check what’s the whether at the place where you are going. This little checking will save you from arranging extra packing options for clothes which you are not going to need at your destination.

There are a few steps that you can follow to ensure convenient and highly effective packing of your luggage.

Prepare a list
If your stay at destination is for a particular number of days, you need to plan what to wear on what day. The main reason for this travelling may be an event that you want to participate in. Make sure that the dress for that event in ready. For normal days, you can choose less number of clothes if you are sure about the availability of laundry service. Keep an extra pair of undergarments along with the clothes.

After you have decided what you are going to take with you, make a list. This list, after getting ready, will provide you a complete overview of your luggage. With this list in hand, it will be easier to make further additions of deductions from the luggage where deemed necessary. Furthermore, this list will provide you an option to do a quick checking anywhere during travelling.

Put heavy items in the bottom
The first layer of items at the bottom of shipping box should consist of heavy and bulky items. That will make the maneuvering of luggage convenient. In case you have prepared a hand carry suitcase, then the heavy should be stacked on the top, right under the handle area.

Small items like jewelry, socks, gloves etc. can be tucked in shoes and purses. That will leave you with the convenience in packing big items.

Fold the fabric
Believe it or not, rolling the clothes and putting them in suitcase or boxes wastes the valuable space that could have been used to store extra clothes. On the other hand, folding makes it easier to set the layers of clothes and it would give you more space to include something extra in your luggage.

Packing delicate items

Breakable or delicate items might get damaged while placed in the suitcase or shipping box. The typical example of such items is the personal care products. These products usually contain synthetic fluids that have natural tendency to ruin other items in the luggage. The best way to keep those items from breaking is to pack them using padded clothes or boxes. Then, it wouldn’t be a big issue if you place these items among the rest of your luggage.

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